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"Peek" the Forgotten Book

“Peek” the Forgotten Book is about a book that feels she is no longer needed. She now has been replaced by technology. She sits and waits on a shelf for a very long time, waiting for someone to pick her up again and open her pages. She waits for two children that think that a book in their hand means nothing anymore when they have a laptop. With a swipe of their finger, a book will appear.

As Peek sits, a traveler comes and tells them of his adventures and questions why they are not reading “real” books anymore. The traveler is also the one who has written Peek and has brought them another book, which is also peeking out of his pouch. Peek, the book, is once again important as well as many other books. Only this time, they are used by children, again. Remember, real books don’t need electricity to work.

--C. W. Sparklet

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