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Painful Death: The Loss of a Child is a Parent's Worst Nightmare

You can choose to mourn the loss of a loved one for the rest of your life, or you can choose to memorialize only the good times you enjoyed with him or her. You can also choose to exemplify aspects of his or her life, with emphasis and direct reference to elements of an ordeal that would be correctively meaningful to the general population. I have thus chosen to give grief to those who want to continue grieving, and dramatic relief and closure to those who have chosen to remember my son, Junior, with the belief that God's time is the best! Whatever choice you make will depend on you as an individual, and I can assure you that Taku and I have chosen to focus only on the joyous days that we enjoyed with our "Junior" when we had him here with us. I therefore urge his mother and everyone else to do same, for only then would those lamentations begin to dissipate and rejuvenate continuation of the pleasures of life, after such an emotionally painful loss.

The loss of a child is the most devastating experience a parent can ever bear. June 29, 2018, has now been added to the calendar for celebrations in my family, but unlike the conventional birthday celebrations, it is the day that my son, Emmanuel Kafain Mbeng Jr., famously nicknamed JUNIOR, went to be with his maker. His departure from this earth has paralyzed my zeal to live and enjoy life and brought tears of regrets to my eyes—regrets for inability to prevent his death at a time when I was supposed to need him and his brother most. He continues to live in me, and I try to visit him as many times as I can, hoping to ease my pain of loss, to be able to remain strong for all in my family who depend on me. Junior was a smart kid, who grew up to be as caring, compassionate, and partially responsible; and he was full of life, wanting to be a star in music and not in the athletic sports that he excelled in. His love of freedom drove him to do crazy adventures, just like most ambitious kids his age, but his understanding of independence, or lack thereof, was obliterated by an unproductive self-consciousness that would end his life before allowing him time to rethink it over, and leave his loved ones wondering daily what they all could have missed. Read this book to the end, even if it is just to provide yourself with experience on what to expect when you confront your kids. Of course, no matter how rambunctious your kids may be, you must never take their well-being for granted, lest you become a victim of conditional love.

The loss of a child is truly devastating and a parent's worst nightmare. Prince Kafain Emmanuel Mbeng Sr. shares the loss of his son hoping that other parents can learn from his experience. You have just lost your child and gone through an emotionally draining mourning period, and the pain of the loss is with you forever. Everyone says it will go away eventually, but only you know how you feel and what you are going through, and mindful of the shortcomings of that fateful day that has become a day of reckoning and apprehension for you and your family; mindful of all parental awareness difficulties and constant fears; mindful of the challenges of overcoming the loss; and mindful of all the rants from the father, mother, and members of the community of friends and family, the loss of a child remains the worst nightmare in the life of a parent. It is with much emotional pain that the author, Prince Kafain Emmanuel Mbeng Sr. has chosen to embark on this honest declaration that should serve as a wake-up call to every parent who is taking the challenges of parenting for granted. It could be you!

--Prince Kafain Emmanuel Mbeng, Sr.

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