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For 20 years, Brion Hall had lived the life of a functional addict. When the prescription pain meds are suddenly taken off the market, he decides to enter a detox program and with the help of his family and friends is finally looking forward to a drug free life. But strange recurring nightmares and bizarre physical changes presage a Halloween that will tragically alter his families’ lives and reveal a previously unknown birthright that will change his perception of reality and plunge him into an ages battle that could affect the course of all life on the planet.

It begins after the traditional festivities of Halloween. As he drives his children up to his parents’ house, he is carjacked and brutally beaten. The attack and fear for his children's safety trigger a previously unknown and drug suppressed ability to transform into an 8 foot tall, 750lbs nearly mindless engine of destruction; a werewolf. Slaughtering his attackers, the beast runs off into the night. Brion is found the next morning by two members from a hidden race that call themselves Shifters and offer Brion a way to learn to control his own beast.

Brion finds himself in the middle of a battle between one faction of Shifters that want to keep their race a secret and one that wants to reveal themselves to humanity. As the arguments reach a fevered pitch, Brion is forced to return to his hometown to investigate reports of a Shifter that may be his youngest son. What he finds will test his loyalties and pit him against every Shifter on the planet; all 250,000 of them.

--Mahlon Bryant

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