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OZ One Fine Adventure One: A Not So Short Walk

This is a story of a young boy and his sisters who lost their father serving his country. The boy's mother turns to alcohol and is involved in a terrible accident. He runs away to prevent being placed in a foster home. He survives by his wits on a beach. He begins to learn karate as he endures hunger and cold. One day, he discovers his mother is alive. Returning home, the boy learns they lost their home. His family left, thinking Mike was dead. Mike has to make a decision that will challenge him to step of the way to be with his family in another state.

Mike begins his journey as an innocent young man. That will change. He will meet many people on this journey. Some will be mean and cruel. Others will raise his spirit and inspire him with caring love. He learns many skills in order to survive this adventure. Surviving was key to his success. He will learn to noodle to catch fish, forge his own tools, deal with people, endure extreme weather that plague him on his trek, make fire different ways, and purify foul water to drink. Many events will test his courage and will to fight back against wild beasts in the forest and the city. An encounter with a giant alligator biting a boat in half after being kidnapped. Then, fighting a bear to save a friend's life. Escaping from a haunted house, hurricane, being horse whipped, to a bar fight with bikers, and much, much more before he reaches his destination. One enemy will bring about the greatest change he will ever know.

--Michael Osborne

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