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Opening Minds, Stirring Hearts : The Peace Studies Class

Peace Studies Gratitude

Dear Mr. McCarthy:

My favorite thing about Peace Studies has been all the guest speakers. Each one brought something new to the forefront of my mind, reminding me how self-absorbed we all can be. I hope to someday emulate the qualities all these speakers possess: kindness, perseverance, bravery, humility, and passion. From learning about poverty and immigration, to peace movements and protests, I have learned so much more in peace studies than I could ever learn in a chemistry or US history class.

Elizabeth Mulvihill

Dear Mr. McCarthy:

Through your lessons you have exposed the lowest parts of human nature, our follies, and our brutality, but through all the wonderful speakers you brought in I have seen true generosity, tenacity, optimism, grit, and love for humankind. I have never felt so much love in a classroom until now . . . . So much change in our world is influenced by greed, hate, and self-interest. I am happy to have encountered the few who are not, thanks to your class. I've become a better person who is ready to be more active in the community and more ready to share her love with the world.

Thanks, thanks, and thanks again.

Elizabeth Stephens

--Colman McCarthy

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