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One President

America is a land of its people. The president of the United States of America is elected by these same people. Every four years, a group of presidential hopefuls from each party tell their stories. Their accomplishments, their lives, and most importantly why they should be elected the president. The process is simple, expensive, and above all else, proven to be effective. One President is such a story. To begin with, there is a Mr. Stein, one of the most respected, rich, and powerful figures in America. Simply put, he would like for his son to be the next president of the US. His son was the senior judge of Wyoming. At the present time, he is governor-elect of Wyoming. Judge Stein is a front-runner, but in politics that can change dramatically as he has faced two legal actions. The first he was acquitted of, and the second is in progress. He is accused of child molestation by his former wife. The child is a handicapped youth of nine years that the judge befriended. The trial is mostly circumstantial until the child tells the judge and the jury and the whole world that there are many ways to touch, and he elaborates. The jury and the world reach out to him, and Governor Stein is acquitted, but his powerful political career is ended. A series of events bring us to a young lawyer who is inadvertently entering the political scene. The story goes on, and so does the political process of every four years—one president is elected.

--Sam J. Cutrufelli Sr.

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