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One Incredible Journey: The Life of a Fearless Country Preacher

This is a touching life story of how an extraordinary Methodist preacher and his wife raised a family of eleven children in rural West Virginia. The things they accomplished for other people; plus, the depth and magnitude of their amazing experiences are most unusual because they comprise a lifetime of adventure and hardship, of happiness and heartache. Their response to these experiences is bold, humorous, powerfully creative, and deeply moving.

It is an astonishing journey. Many of the life experiences shared are genuinely humorous and absolutely amazing in terms of being a positive influence on one's life. The experiences include both successes and failure, which seem to be equally remarkable. They are largely fluid situations that could go either way. They could have a rewarding ending or a very unfortunate ending. It is fair to say they are all exceptionally meaningful. One of the reasons for this relates to the constant theme that runs throughout. That theme is to fulfill a higher calling on one's life.

Both pastor and wife have a command for life, which affords the sensitivity to enjoy the moment and the passion to persuade others to make the journey with them. Hopefully, the pages that follow afford all of us the opportunity to make the journey with them.

--Thomas A. Tenney, Sr.

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