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Oklahoma Winds

"What, Auntie, you promised you would stop with that stuff. Really!" Caroline said.

"Oh, Caroline, relax, what are they going to do. I am eighty-four years old, and more than likely with my health, I'll only live another year or two, so why worry about it? The risk is not that great. Plus, you know we live in the wild, wild, Midwest, and slightly South. We have a reputation to uphold that we can make it no matter what! And honestly, who can live on social security? And you know those Wall Street thieves stole my savings! So I sell a little fruity tea and weed to keep dinner on the table. What's the big deal?" Star said with a crooked smile and hearty laugh.

Betty looked over at Caroline, who rolled her eyes. Star pulled up in front of the fruity tea shack and they all got out to go in.

Betty whistled. "Wow, this is a big shack. I had no idea it was an actual barn back here," she said.

Star nodded. "Girls, you are welcome to look inside, but I do appreciate discretion with what you will see inside. Not a word!" she said with big eyes and a soft voice. "Also, the back wall caved in a little from the tornado, so don't go to close to it," Star said.

Caroline and Betty nodded and felt nervous. They knew anything could be inside.

--Brenda Tafla

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