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Tucson, Arizona. Many stories can be told about Tucson, having a variety of cold-blooded, heartless, and vicious gunmen and notorious gunfighters who once dwelled there during the 1800s. Many of them ended up there as permanent guests on boot-hill, having lost their last gunfight. Tucson was not the mother-town of such treacherous and ruthless men; many of them migrated there from all parts of the country for various reasons.

Though many stories have been told about some of the men—and women—of the early west who cast giant shadows across the land, the story that I now bring to you have never been told before. It is the story of a young black gunfighter whose courage was incredible, his marksmanship and lightning speed draw with a Colt .44 was unmatched. His name: OGRESIVE!

--Wilbert Sinclair

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