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Norman's Odyssey

I believe we are all connected in one way or another. We find this out on our journey that creates our personal odyssey. Norman is no different. He thinks of himself as a normal, peaceful, and very contented man. As humans do, Norman chose a wife. Opposites do tend to attract. They complement each other's differences. Then there are those few that don't. This story is about the choices we make and how it effects those around us. How far in a relationship would you go to be happy? Would you make a choice that only benefits you? Norman isn't the only one that has to ask these questions. We all look and find love in different ways. Our choices in life will determine the outcome. We can't change our choices once they have been acted upon. We can only hope to repair any damages done along the way. Norman's Odyssey connects him unexpectedly with people from his past. He discovers how truly connected we all are.

--Jerry Lawyer

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