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None Goes His Way Alone

Two brothers, Tom and Gary McNally, have set an ambitious task for themselves—spend the summer building a log cabin on family property located on a remote pond in Northern Vermont. Both have good reasons to see the project succeed. Gary is an engineering student eager to apply what he has learned in the classroom to the practical application and problems of construction. More important, he hopes to dispel nagging doubts about his abilities. Tom, saddled with a handicap that has limited his ability to function in the real world, sees a chance to succeed at something that has thus far eluded him, not being dependent on others. But when beset with problems ranging from the dangerous nature of the work, the unwelcome intrusions of uninvited strangers, and outside events beyond their control, the successful completion of the cabin becomes much more than a daunting challenge. It forces the two brothers to confront how they view themselves as part of a much wider world.

--James Gaffey

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