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Nogard and the Kingdom of Crimson Stone: Book One of the Quantrandan Chronicles

Out of the hundreds that choose to enter, only fifteen will live to tell the tale . . .

It all started with a heavy risk and a generally bad idea all written on a scroll with the royal seal. An idea which would probably end up killing everyone. This would be known as the impossibly difficult trip to the Krater, an arena constructed to reveal the best warriors in all of Quantrandan who would journey to retrieve the treasure stolen by the dragon Rudabash. But first, winning would be necessary, and the scroll made it perfectly clear that a fight to the death awaits nearly all the entries, save fifteen.

Normally, Nogard wouldn't dream of risking his life for wealth and glory at the cost of a likely death, but Darren, his father, has other plans. Mourning over the loss of his wife, death is looking pretty good, and Darren is leaving at first light with or without his only son. Forced with no other alternative, Nogard reluctantly agrees to go, but ends up running into his old friend Geoffrey.

Leaving Crimson Stone with a heavy heart and an inevitable sense of dread, Nogard and Geoffrey then plot to sabotage the journey to return safely home. But with the danger of the Cliffside Cave Raiders and that of the Unstable Risk, their lives are continuously at stake. Will they succeed in failing, or will the company reach its dreaded destination?

Nogard and the Kingdom of Crimson Stone brings to life the run-to-risk adventure of a boy named Nogard; his father, Darren; a childhood friend, Geoffrey; a butcher named Elliot; a cutthroat prisoner, Blister; a cranky old tradesman, Mr. Wither; a wandering charter, Frex, and an indescribably intimidating, magically enhanced, Knightmare . . .

--Zackery Scott McConnon

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