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Noah Tone: Outbreak

Noah Tone is the firstborn of two parents that possess a legendary legacy in a global struggle that is soon about to boil over. The sparks of war furiously intensify as bonds break, dark secrets are revealed, and opposition increases. It is a dangerous time to meddle with the enemy, but Noah refuses to give in to fear and with the assistance of his newly formed rebel group known as the First Strike, Noah Tone boldly embarks on a mission in which he hopes to rescue his brother, Levi Tone. However, Noah, as well as many others, are unaware of the many magnificent secrets and abilities that Levi Tone holds, and once Noah manages to free Levi from the Rebal's clutches, the fate of the war drastically leans in favor of the Tripartite. The escape of Levi Tone finally pushes Blade to the edge, and in an act of desperation, the evil leader of the Rebal Empire orders the start of the plague. Will Noah and the First Strike be able to escape the terror of global war or has the underdog hero's luck finally run thin?

--Noah Cotter

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