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Noah Tone: Plague of Powers

Noah Tone, the average fifteen-year-old boy who only wants to make a place in the world, knows he's not normal. A tragic attack completely backfires all his wishes to be a normal kid, and he soon realizes that his entire family are victims of a terrible and unknown force, the Rebal. The head of the secret organization, Blade Mercantile, is bent on taking over the world with children that have unique capabilities, like Noah. Not too long after, Noah finds out that not only his siblings are in danger but his parents as well. Once he escapes the Rebal prison with the help of other superhuman teens, he and his group of underdog heroes set out to stop Blade in his maniacal attempt of world domination, and at the same time rescue his family with the help of some unlikely allies. Noah is suddenly wrapped into a risky, heroic, and action-packed quest to save his family and the world.

--Noah Cotter

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