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Night Stalkers

At the close of the Chaos War that destroyed the golden city of Drendrelex, a new breed of creatures arose from the backlash of chaos magic that was unleashed in the battle at beginning of the age of chaos. As the chaos spawned began killing, they had but one goal, to rule the world. The Night Stalkers formed to quell the onrush of chaos spawn and end their attempts to rule Santellex.

After their hunt for the vampire dragon, Nostoullous, ended successfully, Kollouns and his companion, the black dragoness, Wynllousthrellynthea “Moon Rose,” now found themselves on the hunt of the lycanthrope lord, Vorthox of Thornesterra.

Hunting for the elusive lycanthrope may not be as easy as it originally appeared to be. Standing in their path is someone they presumed dead, and she may not appear what she seems to be.

--J. C. Jenkins

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