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Nature's Wrath

In 1989, a group of highly skilled scientists in a specially-designed high-security laboratory complex in Louisville, Kentucky, create a genetically engineered species by splicing together cells harvested from cicadas, earthworms, and African mosquitoes. In early spring 1990, the species is released in the name of rodent control, but when it turns on man and beast, things get ugly, and the military is deployed to stop the killer plague. What happens after the military operation sends a new wave of fear over a medium-size town just outside of Omaha, Nebraska, as a new species, far more dangerous than the bloodsuckers, attacks and kills anybody near it. What happens to the main character, Tony Richards, his cousin James Bledsoe, and three other people associated with them is absolutely horrific as they have to confront the danger head-on. In the wake of the second incident, the laboratory complex, in Louisville, Kentucky, is forced to shut down when dark revelations surface in regard to far more sinister and disturbing activities that were taking place within the facility’s walls.

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By Jason N. McKown:

Sand Hills Express

Papillion Times

Custer County Chief

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Blind man walking by the creek in Central Park.

ByAmazon Customer on October 1, 2017

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I honestly would have never known about this book, but my fiancée met the author down by the creek at Central Park last week. He (my fiancée) stopped to check on a blind man he saw walking by the creek. I was told about the book and that day I bought it on Amazon Kindle. I was skeptical at first reading the acknowledgements, but I started reading the book and I only put my phone down from reading when I was at work. I've been to LaVista days ever since I was a little girl. Damn good book!!!! I would recommend it to everyone. I hope to see more from Jason!!!!!


My Future Plans

By Jason N. McKown

My newly published book, "Nature's Wrath" doesn't end with being a paperback novel, but instead, I plan on producing a full-cast audio book version, complete with music and sound. For this, I plan on purchasing a Marantz PMD-561 digital audio recorder of the type news reporters and film producers use, and with that, a variety of high-end microphones, both lavalier and shotgun. Using the Audacity program in combination with the recorder, the finished product will be rich and full of sound. Click on the links to hear the different sounds I have recorded for the purpose of this book.

My most recent completion is a book that was originally going to be titled "Don't Tell Me I Can't," but I have decided to change it to "Clearing Hurdles." Originally written under the pseudo name, "Henry Frederick Kingsley," I have decided to write it under my own name, but use Henry's name as the character based on me and my life. Though not published yet, I plan on doing so in the future.

If you wish to interview me about my books, please contact me at the email address below:

Blood Sucker

A Colony of Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers In Flight

Russella Running On Concrete

Vehicles Running Over Manhole Covers

Russella Moving Through Tall Weeds Near Box Inlet

Federal Signal 2T22 Siren

Claxon Horn

--Jason N. McKown

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