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My Two Snow Angels

The North Pole is a special magical place with many beautiful rainbow colors beaming across the sky. This is where Santa and his elves live, along with many wonderful animals from all over the world. Before Christmas every year, Santa and the animals have an ice-skating-dance party and hockey tournaments just for fun. The polar bears skate across the frozen ice along with elephants, giraffes, and penguins. They have lots of fun. Santa's colorful elves work busily, using all their powers to prepare all the toys for children around the world. Mrs. Claus likes baking cookies for everyone and always burns a batch of cookies, but the penguin fire-rescue squad always saves the day. Santa's favorite story to share before he leaves to deliver gifts is about two children who became snow angels to help a village during a big Christmas snowstorm. Thanks to the snow angels the village families had their best Christmas ever! Santa rewards the snow angels with a special Christmas gift. Find out what the surprise gift is!

-- Tony Quintero

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