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My Own Private Demons

Morgan Galloway is in deep depression. And it's only getting worse. Two years ago, Morgan was told she shouldn't look the way she looks. And of course, the bully who told her that was only joking. But Morgan didn't see it as a joke; she went home to kill herself, only to wake up in the hospital hours later. She has a voice in her head that is telling her every day why she is in no way beautiful, and Morgan thinks the only way to really get rid of the voice is to end it all. She fears she won't ever get better, and she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life getting made fun of. She has kind support from her mom and brother, but her dad just doesn't get it. He is the one parent she wants love and affection from, but he refuses because of the attempt she did on her bathroom floor.

--Matea Green

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