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My Cooking: Cookbook

When I was younger, I always loved the kitchen. I remember at the age of seventeen, I was the head cook on a boat, and at the age of eighteen, I was the head cook at a small twenty-five-seated restaurant—something I still find fascinating today. I can't believe how young I was with such responsibilities but I made it. As I've noted in my first cookbook, Hosting the Holidays, to this day, I don't know why I managed to get my experiences in Europe and the special treatment I got from chefs. I hope all of you who will be cooking from this cookbook will find it most appealing and helpful to your daily cooking habits.

As am preparing myself to finish my next cookbook on Paleo foods and also in the process of finishing my other cookbook on mixing sweet and sour, please feel free to enjoy this cookbook. I am not yet ready to reveal all tittles of my books, but here you have the titles that will be available, and if all goes well, I should soon have my cooking program up and running before all titles are done.

--Jefery Ramon

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