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My 32,000 Mile Cross Country Trip

This author was surprised to learn that her five-and-a-half-month trip around the great USA put over thirty-two thousand miles on her Jeep. Family and friends were also amazed. This author is aware that other individuals have taken similar trips, such as this one. However, this one is unique, in that this author did it alone at the age of sixty-five, and for five and a half months. Just the thought of checking in and out of hotels almost every day, during these months is enough to turn someone off from this type of trip. However, this author found ways to deal with it, such as regularly scheduled weekly phone calls with some family and friends. Also, after time, the standard breakfasts served daily at these hotels became boring, so this author would go to a local restaurant for breakfast for a different menu choice. This author encourages everyone, retired or not, to explore the great USA by a vehicle of some type. Each state has much beauty and many sites to see, which definitely enriches one's life and perspective of the world.

--Darlene Rutkowski

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