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Mutiny: 1991 and I Was There

Truth is that my colleagues and I would not have taken our snapshot cameras out onto the streets one day BEFORE that Saturday morning when it seemed that all hell had broken loose all over Moscow! But the several of us, off duty, were sitting in the Belgrad II Hotel, listening to the chaos on the streets through open windows when someone shouted, "Hey, with all the excitement out there the Militia Boys with their big black-and-white-striped batons will be preoccupied! Let's go shoot some pictures, whatchasay???" And the ultimate results are the 100 or-so street-level snapshots, 50 of which are displayed for your perusal in this publication (finally!), my share of the bold efforts of myself and four or five of my fellow Cleared American U.S. Embassy Guards during those dreary three days of uncertainty deep behind that dark Iron Curtain of Soviet Mother Russia…

--Gene Blackwell

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