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Mr. Black Johnson She Worshiped

True story, New York, Bonnie of 1964. A beautiful young Southern Italian female, with hazel eyes and long black sexy hair, was told her entire young life African American men were inferior to white men and had little dingalings (slang for an individual with a small Johnson). Every time Bonnie viewed pictures of black sportsman and black men in general, she was impressed and physically attracted by their physiques and their athleticism. This, she confesses, totally confused her. But lo and behold, Bonnie made sure she respected her family's wishes and ignored all black men whenever in their presence. Surprisingly, deep down inside, Bonnie's internal curiosity overwhelmed her to the point where she would become sexually excited (no matter where she was, even to the point of having vaginal contractions in the presence of others) when seeing black men. She wondered if she was responding this way only because her parents programmed her like this as a deterrent (not to deal with black men). Bonnie finally decided she had had enough about this black stereotyping. She also decided she was going to try some of that black man Johnson and put her curiosity to rest once and for all.

Continue reading this true story and find out how Bonnie's first sexual encounter with a tall black man affected her sexually, physically, and emotionally for the rest of her life. Her family had damn near lost their minds, and so did Bonnie.

To be continued in the next book soon.

--Ken Kenthomas

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