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Moving from Brokenness to Blessedness

This book is not about formulas, even though we oftentimes wish that we had a fail-safe method that might be employed to insulate us from the harsh realities of life that grate at the core of our being; it is a book about faith. Not a sentimental or simplistic whistling in the dark kind of faith, but the kind of faith that is anchored in a God that empowers us to move on up the rough side of the mountain even when all the external evidence tell us that we should give up.

Moving from Brokenness to Blessedness contains a message for everyone. As evidenced by the different scenarios of brokenness portrayed within the pages, we also experience brokenness in different ways; but despite the plight of brokenness that might encumber us at any given point in time, we are reminded that God is sovereign over every life situation and has a unique prescription for what ails us.

In finding this book, the reader has found a precious gem that will inspire them to recalibrate their perspective on life and look out on the world with new eyes of faith as they recognize the divine within themselves. Despite the forces that that conspire to deny us our divine birthright of abundant life, we could avail ourselves to a transcendent power that could transformation of our circumstances and move us from a place of brokenness to a place of blessedness..

--Leary Bonnett

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