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Moonlight Confessions

Sadie Meade is a rebellious, promiscuous teenager in the 1960s whose only care in the world is her inadequate breast size. Born into a humble Catholic family from Massachusetts, she struggles to find her place in the family dynamic. A new job opportunity for Sadie's father whisks the Meades to the exciting city of Las Vegas, leaving their ordinary life on the East Coast behind.Living in the heart of Sin City is uneventful with an overbearing father whose antiquated views and sharp tongue are intolerable for a headstrong young woman like Sadie. She leaves the security of her home and enters a world of debauchery. Her young-adult life is in constant turmoil as she compromises her integrity, indulging in dangerous liaisons.To unravel the web of destruction she created, Sadie makes important decisions to alter the course of her destiny. Enter Tommy Cavallo—a charming, wealthy hotel and casino manager. Sadie's sweet, angelic looks oppose her reckless persona. The two develop an intimate friendship that leads to wedding vows.Sadie aspires to make amends for her destructive behaviors through familial obligations and philanthropic commitments. When a dear friend is found murdered, she faces her demons, using cunning methods in hopes of uncovering the mystery surrounding her friend's death. Eventually, her shady past creeps up to haunt her. Sadie resorts to lies and manipulations as survival tactics, jeopardizing her future, her marriage, and her freedom.

--Gina Marie Martini

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