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Monkey Du - Siblings

Monkey Du is based on a set of monkeys that learned how to act like humans and started imitating the behaviors and the history of humans. The story takes place at a time when the monkeys are in school, mostly doing pranks, getting into trouble, and messing with their siblings.

These guys were an experiment in an animal-research laboratory that got canceled by the government in 1989.

Over the years, Ms. Khrain had started a little secret community, and the monkeys had developed a family system among themselves. One particular family was special to scientist Ms. Khrain, so she called them Monkey Du.

They were called Monkey Du because they kept trying to imitate the humans on TV more than the rest. They were also the first group to do everything upright on two feet, and they even spoke like humans.

Then the rest of monkeys started following them. Thereafter, they were like little hairy humans (talking, walking, dressing, and acting the same) but with different personalities.

The book is to teach kids lessons that other people have learned along the way, to inspire them, to show them how to love, and perhaps to remind ourselves as adults what it was like when we were kids.


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--Richard Symes

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