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Missouri Brew Crew Stories

A humorous book of several very short, true stories about a group of characters that live in Southwest Missouri.

All of us have or have had friends over the years that are a part of our life story. We, ourselves, and these friends all have our own personalities that when combined create memorable stories that are retold over and over again.

The Original Missouri Brew Crew’s stories are portrayed in this book. You will laugh and trigger memories as you relate their stories and the group’s characters to friends that you have known or who are a part of your current life.

Memories can be created anywhere at any time when you are with friends. Simple events like fishing, golfing, baseball, cooking, or traveling can result in fantastic stories about each other. Yes, a beer or two amongst friends during these events makes things even funnier.

You will find yourself laughing at their stories and even yourself as you remember some of your own friendship stories.

See one of Craig's stories here!

--Craig Mengel

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