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Mind Games

It was turning out to be a typical weekend workday at Woffam Sortier Pharmaceuticals and for David Weatherwood. Cutting and analyzing drugs at the lab, lunch with Sydney Appleton, and maybe, just maybe, today would be the day he’d asked for “the date,” or maybe he’d chicken out as usual.

Yep, just another day.

But when David stumbles on an anomaly in one of the drugs he’s analyzing, the day’s events take a turn for the worst. Was Woffam Sortier making meds with mind control triggers? Alerting the director of laboratories, Robert D. Martin, to the issue he’s reassured that wasn’t the case and the drug will be reprocessed.

Kidnapped, trapped underground, no means of escape. David and Sydney have to find a way to alert somebody, anybody, to what’s going on at Woffam Sortier.

--Heather Zimmer

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