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Metal Powerhouse

Roxanne, or Roxxi for short, is trapped within a bizarre chamber after dreaming a surreal dream sequence. She finds out that the rest of her dreams are being uploaded by the Savants, a secret union who are godlike beings. Soon, she undergoes a dream test after one of her dreams shows vulnerability; she rejects the test mentally and is forced to submit. Afterward, Roxxi wakes up to find her vulnerable dream inside a shattered glass mirror; a strange creature attacks Roxxi and soon causes a fight. Roxxi gains her weapon during the fight, defeats the creature, and tries to escape but is soon stopped by her nightmares. Soon, her weapon overreacts after a certain nightmare triggers the weapon. Later, she's trapped again in a strange chamber, and awakens face-to-face with a certain being, her weapon nowhere to be seen.

--Analuz German

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