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Memoirs of a Gigolo ~ My Early Years - Finale

As always, your quest to discover how my life as a gigolo began has been printed on thin sheets ever so intriguingly bound between two covers.

My first book introduced you to my extremely unique upbringing and development of a stellar reputation during my earliest days as a gigolo.

The second, provided you with a deeper insight of my family upbringing and intensive gigolo training that soon catapults me into the jet set hierarchy.

This third volume concludes the initial trilogy of my early years and serves to prepare you for the wild and fantastical life journey that will send me touring, partying, and romancing some of the most influential and beautiful ladies of our world, from the United States, to Europe and beyond.

Thusly, if romance, intimacy and sensuality are all subject matters you find utterly captivating, then by all means please sally forth as I guarantee that your eyes will be opened wide and your imagination will find myriad new avenues to explore, along with intriguing places to visit and decadent experiences to revel in during your travels along the meandering, mesmerizing paths that comprise the memoirs of my life.


--Lord Christian Halliday

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