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Maximus J.O.E: Art in Dispatch

Justice in 2035 is theater, and the Justices tasked with meting out the sentences are the biggest stars the world has ever seen. The leader in this exotic group of show people called JOEYs, for Justices of Execution, Maximus Subban is concerned at the rise of a new and powerful member to their organization, SAID-GOD (Secondary Appeals Input Data Generating Optimum Decision), an artificially intelligent being that appears to play by a different set of rules. While working on a mysterious case of a boy who by most accounts has been wrongfully sentenced to death, Max senses the computer program has cheated the system, colluding with the powers that be to bring forth an execution guaranteed to generate television ratings never before achieved. The boy, Christopher Dawson, is just fourteen years of age, and no one this young has ever been executed before. Along with his fellow JOEYs, Max decides to take on the machine and the governmental forces that back it. The unfolding of the story is filled with constant twists and unusual characters that carry Max and his crew to places they could never have expected.

--Harley Brattain

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