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“This starts the new chapter of your life" is a phrase that Brady hears daily during his senior year of college. The voice in his head keeps reminding him that he still has to write his own ending. The past chapters were called "High School" and then "Coming Out" but this chapter doesn't have a title, or even a beginning. Just failed relationships and boys breaking his heart. This all changes when he meets a smart, funny, kind, confident, but human boy named Aiden. Brady tries to silent the voice in his head as he falls for Aiden. The relationship blossoms even though Brady finds out Aiden has a boyfriend. At the conclusion of senior year the chapter is mostly written with Aiden being the main focus. Decisions after graduation make for a few possible endings. Brady tries to write his own, but with every look from Aiden he starts to relinquish the keyboard.

Enjoy a raw, emotional, real, funny story of what it's like to struggle with mental illness, sexuality, and being thrown into the real world.

--Jacob Amstel

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