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Marauders in the Tropics

It is a fact that Africa has been booty to the world. It is also easy for Africans and most commentators on African history to blame the continent’s woes on outsiders-Western slave traders, colonial powers and neo-colonialists-without taking cognizance of the destructive roles played by conniving Africans. For the reasons of greed, politics for personal enrichment and tribal affinity, connivers are abounding on the continent of Africa always ready to betray their people.

In his book, Alex O’Femi, blames African woes-especially that of Sub-Saharan Africa-on conniving elements in Africa without which the continent’s conquest would not have been possible. Through reliance on historicism, a method that treats history as a science, O’Femi concludes that Africa lost the battle to interlopers in previous centuries and may yet again do so in this century if enemies within are not effectively contained

--Alex O'Femi

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