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Malibu Glenn: In Life and in Business You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Malibu Glenn started his business career even before he realized he'd begun the journey. Beginning with early encounters with the business world serving customers in a neighborhood hardware store to serving "customers" at high school pool parties, Malibu was honing interpersonal business skills with serendipity as he learned how to work with people. College was no exception to this crazy adventure as this hapless goofball earned a college degree that would be the foundation of a formal thirty-seven-year position in the business world. Along the way, Malibu earned many successes and learned from key mentors how to lead teams. In the second half of the story, Malibu shares those lessons, tactics, and strategies that he applied with award-winning, record-setting selling teams. As he likes to say, "winning is that way." A suggested reading list and a receipt for his favorite cocktail round out the offering.Hope you enjoy the trip.

--Nolan Simmons

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