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Make America Financially Great

We have many conspiracy theories. This book adds the costliest in money and lives. The conspiracy is to lead professors of finance, economics, political science and law away from understanding today's money supply system. This is accomplished by not requiring professors to study the 1913 Federal Reserve Act to become professors. This is the act of Congress that established our checking account systems. Professors can't teach what they don't understand and they can't understand what they don't study.

What wasn't taught to the author by his professors is the 1913 Federal Reserve Act replaced "gold as money" with "checking account balances as money", but it didn't say so directly. The Federal Reserve Act also gave the government's power to control checking account deposits to non-government people, but it didn't say so directly. It gave the non-government people the power to increase a checking account balance without actually depositing money, but it didn't say so directly. The non-government people are allowed to make a checking deposit, without actually depositing money, and loan that Money-Less-Deposit to the US national debt. The non-government executives of the Federal Reserve board did say that directly, but the professors would have had to also study the 1864 National Currency Act to recognize that the conspiracy is within the reserves of the Federal Reserve, but they aren't required to study that act either to become professors.

The purpose of this book is to counter the conspiracy by explaining the economic system created by the Federal Reserve Act to citizens and then ask citizens to help the author persuade professors to study the Federal Reserve Act so they can begin teaching us the correct information. That information will lead the U.S. to financial greatness because right now citizens are conquered by a misunderstood document passed by Congressmen over one hundred years ago.

--Rick Nichols

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