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Magic of Fear

Evelyn and Violet have endured a year like no other as they fled from a past Evelyn was dying to forget. When their escape to rebuild the shattered fragments of her friend had finally come far enough, Violet takes it upon herself to make a big move to a more normal lifeā€”that is, she applies for both of them to go away to college. Little did either of them know, attending the Woodburn Rose Academy will be far from normal and far more than the college getaway they were dreaming of. For as they will soon discover, acceptance to this school has nothing to do with their high school GPA or test scores.

Thrown into a world of magic, love, and secrets, the two girls begin a life-changing journey beyond what either of them ever could have imagined. But with darkness lurking around every corner and new threats appearing under every stone they turn, will their newfound magic be the pieces of themselves they were both missing, or will it destroy the pieces of them that are left?

--Shantel Norton

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