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Love That Never Dies

For the last two years, Lord Van Pragh has sat grieving at night by his wife’s tomb in Bedford Castle while living with an incurable, rare disease that occurs in one in two billion people. On one dark night, he meets the spiritually inclined eighteen-year-old clairvoyant, Fiona Morgan. Having married his wife on the day his mistress committed suicide, Lord Von Pragh does not have the best reputation for a forming a relationship with the young clairvoyant. Fiona is trying to escape from the clutches of the wily politician, the lord mayor of Limerick, who has announced his engagement to her. Although heiress to a tobacco fortune, Fiona is interested only in a career as an opera singer, yet finds herself falling in love with Lord Von Pragh. Can Fiona lure the elusive Lord Von Pragh away from the tomb of his dead wife, Lady Christiana? Will Lady Christiana’s spirit allow their act of love be consummated?

--Teresa Ryan

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