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Love Hurts

Love and Sex, Romance, Heartbreak all words to describe Matt's experiences in the world of romance and love. The story begins in beautiful, exotic, paradise - all terms used to describe Costa Rica. It is a heaven for world travelers, quick vacations, or extended retirement. The people in this story are brought together in some very unexpected ways. It is in this setting that Matt learned from experience, how much love could hurt. He wanted the beautiful Janet to come home with him to Golden Colorado. Instead, she refused, staying in Costa Rica with a secret that would come to haunt Matt.

At home in Birchwood, Minnesota, it has been challenging for Kim to find a way to take control of her own life, away and separate from her doting, loving father Adam. Up to this point, Adam has controlled her and incorporated Kim into his world. She craved a life of her own creation. Kim found a way to make a world of her own, with some help from her grandmother Bea and her best friend Sharon, both living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kim transformed her life and now is a successful owner of a gift shop in Brighton, Utah. This is where she meets charismatic Matt; there is instant chemistry between them. Sometimes the feeling of love can hurt a person, causing a lot of emotional pain. It can also heal the worst pain of all, that of separation. Matt helped Kim into the world of love, out and away from all the hurt she felt, at the same time healing his own broken heart. The coming together of Matt and Kim has touched off an avalanche of change not only in their life, but many other lives too. This left Kim’s father Adam with a shattered life, learning a lesson in the law of karma.

--J. D. Hendel

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