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Lost & Hope

The enchanting warmth of the midnight air was replaced with a sunny yet alarming daylight. It was at this moment that the unchallenged life of Michael Branch spun into a new and chaotic tangent. The bedroom he shared with his pregnant wife was suddenly gone. All that stood before him was an empty cabin in the woods. Without an understanding of where he was or how he arrived, Michael ran in search of somebody, anybody, who could come to his aid. He soon learned that not only was he alone, but he was also in a whole new world.

Twisted within the mountains, swamps and woods were clues to this alien world with a static sun, but death seemed to loom around every corner. If trying not to slide off an icy ledge or lose his sanity weren't hard enough, the blood-lusting wolves would make death a near certainty. Leaving his wife alone to raise their child was not an option.

"There has got to be more to this world." He could feel it.

An underground ship, a bell tower, a healing spring—it all must mean something.

As Michael worked to unravel the riddle of this world, he began to learn and accept his role within it all.

For every step he took toward destiny, another step was taken by Karuh, Satan's general, to watch it all burn.

--John Yatsko

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