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Living Legend

At fifteen years old, the author started his horse career with a man that was the superintendent of Landerd Count High School. His name was J. H. Noblin. He was a professional walking horse trainer. He built a little stable behind the school with ten little stalls.

He asked the author’s father if he could work for him after school, and from there, the author started riding colts. Then the author slowly graduated up to the aged horses.

After two tours in the military, the author returned home and opened his own business, Moorman Stables.

After some time and many horses later, the author had a colt raised on the place, and his name was Living Legend. Without a doubt, he was the greatest horse the author had ever thrown his legs across. After the author won the stub class in the three-year-old championship, he sadly had to sell Living Legend to a lady that lived in St. Louis, Missouri. The following year, the new owner started showing him, and to her amazement, Living Legend won many championships.

With all their sorrow, he died that fall with a brain tumor. This is why the author has written this book, to tell of his lifetime training of the Tennessee walking horse. And this is also why the author is dedicating this book to Living Legend.

--Jacob (Jack) Moorman

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