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Live Life Now (Not Later) The Life Recipe

Live Life Now (Not Later) The Life Recipe is a book of discovery and awareness as unique individuals who carry our own blueprints to our own health. The Life Recipe is a step-wise list of ingredients that will help us to reconnect to our own body so that we become aware of our energy in our body.

We all have the ingredients inside us to maintain balance and health but with all the mixed messages that are received by the media, doctors, and other outside influences then our natural ingredients become murky and our end-result does not get nurtured to a delicious creation.

This life recipe guides us how to effectively combine and knead our ingredients so we can create the best product possible – a healthier mindset and lifestyle.

Once we open the door to self-awareness and realign ourselves with our consciousness then we begin to recognize our value and our own individual needs. We are only given one body and we have the ingredients to maintain our bodies by listening to the ways it reacts. By embracing our bodies and becoming more aware of ourselves we choose to stay in the present and LIVE LIFE NOW, not later.

--Carol Harblin

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