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Life Strategy Notebook: Mapping God's Game Plan for Your Life

Many are meandering through life searching for answers of "who am I?" and "what am I called to do?" They are oblivious to the spiritual forces that oppose their destiny; better yet, they are not even conscious of the calling on their life. Rev. Dr. Johnny Freemont III writes this book after teaching a Bible class series on the subject matter to help the reader to begin to put together a life strategy to develop a vision for his or her life.

The reader will begin to learn differences between the transcendent life, the physical life, and the ordinary life one lives. He gives key points and nuggets of wisdom to map God's game plan to live a victorious life in Christ Jesus and to discover one's true calling. He helps the reader to define life, seek purpose, and discover their strengths, passion, outlook, personality, and use his or her life experience to maximize their potential to walk into their divinely ordain ministries.

In Life Strategy Notebook, Johnny Freemont III instructs the readers to get to know themselves and discover their spiritual gifts to fulfill their destiny by discovering the destination their must travel to arrive at that place called "There"—their port of call. He provides the scriptural support to help lead those who are seeking down a plain path to self-discovery.

--Johnny Freemont III

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