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Life After Losing A Child

Life After Losing a Child is dedicated to my son, Antonio Smith-Scott (May 23, 1992–March 5, 2013) and in honor of my mother, Flora Scott (August 25, 1949–January 3, 2020), who birthed eight children and lost six before her own death.

Life After Losing a Child is based on my own experiences—from a mother's perspective losing a child, from a sibling's perspective losing brothers in early childhood, how the death of my brothers affected my parents and our family. I also share how losing my own son affected my family, my four other children, and their father. Millions of parents lose a child every day and are left struggling, trying to not be overtaken with grief for the rest of our lives. We suffer from guilt, shame, hurt, pain, and sorrows until we allow Jesus to heal us. Losing a child from a miscarriage, stillbirth, sickness, deformities, abortions, accidents, or homicides—all these losses of a child carries the same hurts, pains, sorrows, and grief. The loss of these children leaves a void in all our lives as a family. I pray by sharing my loss and grief process, you will seek Jesus for healing for yourself and family. That you will be empowered to live your best life after the loss of a child or sibling. I pray you will live to the fullest capacity God has intended, Jesus died to give you, with the Holy Spirit guiding you—a life of purpose not only for yourself and family, but for the child that is gone but not forgotten.

--Antonette Smith

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