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Let 'Em Go Pee: Practical Advice for Those who Dare to Teach

Let 'Em Go Pee: Practical Advice for Those Who Dare to Teach is a delightful must-read for teachers and aspiring educators! Chock-full of inspirational stories and commonsense guidelines for building and managing a successful career, Let 'Em Go Pee provides a fail-safe recipe for teachers who strive to create a vibrant, productive, and controlled learning environment.

Drawing on thirty-two years of experience as a secondary education science teacher, Paul Swisher shares his list of "secret ingredients" necessary for achieving and maintaining classroom management, communicating effectively with students, parents, and peers, and skillfully blending academic rigor and responsibility with enthusiasm, goodwill, and fun!

As the cocreator of Kan-Jam and a professionally recognized singer-songwriter, Swisher adds to his flavorful concoction by mixing in pinches of appetizing spices related to achieving success as an entrepreneur and artist. For those who dare to teach, this debut offering from the mind of Paul Swisher will undoubtedly provide a delicious bite of sustenance!

--Paul Swisher

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