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Leo Cor

What once was lost will soon be found locked away so far underground.

Holding close a hand of hellfire the razor's edge walks a reluctant liar.

From far above a fierce little dove grants mercy to a lion she will always love.

She was born with a purpose ever so kind, to take his heart and ease his mind.

Born of starfire and bound to each other, much about themselves they still must discover.

He wandered the earth never to be tamed, until from the lips of an angel he was finally named.

A soul nothing if not wild, stilled by one with a touch so gentle and mild.

In this glassy prison so low nothing is what it seems, answers to unknown questions are revealed if only in dreams.

She will teach him he is not alone, give life again to a heart of stone.

In each other's arms they slowly dance, who's to say which was given a second chance?

Piece by piece they traded their heart, these star-crossed lovers not even death can part.

--Corvus King

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