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Legends of Growth

The kin, a scaled species, rules the continent. They have a problem: a plague runs riot over the continent. The kin die and two species are in their place. Dragons and half-kin. The half-kin, gray or pale species, are either killed or forced to serve in the king's guard. Their loyalty is absolute. Two come out in prominence: Del and Chow. Del is a boy of eight and the equal of many masters in the spellweavers, an order that investigates nearly everything, from worldly occupations to magic, martial arts, and war. Chow, a member of three orders of the spellweavers, is the leader of a rebel group. He has the plague. Del, as a boy of eight, cannot stand the spellweavers. They live on a mountain. He has been ordered not to leave until the fifteenth year. Then trouble begins. The plague spreads. After, the king's new weapon turns; the dragons want power and, most importantly, food. Heroes from the continent survive. Another empire eyes this continent with greedy eyes. Their leader wants to conquer it and spread his empire. The plague has no effect on those from this empire. No one knows why. Del and the other heroes must strive to save the continent from being killed by the rampaging dragons, whose power isn't the only problem—their numbers are as well. This new empire may be the hope or the threat they fear.

--Daniel Richmond

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