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Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line

“This book was developed the hard way, in the real world, by a results-oriented leader who faced guns, bombs, dope fiends, riots, disgruntled employees, political espionage, lawsuits, mediocrity, and miracles. The author is a retired police chief who has worked and taught throughout this nation and around the world. As a cop, he understands what it means to achieve the mission in the face of danger and controversy. Dean Crisp has learned just how essential it is to win the hearts, minds, and actions of human beings in order to accomplish the goals of the organization.

“This book irreverently cuts through layers of complex language and research. It blasts through bureaucracy and distills the simple, compelling competencies that are essential to leadership success.” —Kathleen Sheehan, LAPD lieutenant (retired and former police chief)

“Chief Crisp has written a book that is not only helpful for the law enforcement leader but for anyone who is in a leadership role. It is a must read if you want to make yourself a better leader.” —Tim Plotts, captain, North Carolina Highway Patrol (retired)

“My only wish is that I could have read this book twenty years ago when I began my leadership career. It would have helped me avoid many leadership mistakes and made me a better leader. Highly recommend this book.” —Neil Moore, chief of police, Fort Wayne, Indiana (retired)

“Loved the leadership lessons along with great stories to tie everything together. Would absolutely recommend this book for every leader and anyone who wants to make their life better.” —Captain Buddy Dodson, Columbia Police Department (retired)

--Dean Crisp

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