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Laura's List

Laura had it all. She worked her way through college while raising a family, earned her registered-nursing credentials, advanced through the ranks of hospital administration, moved to the town people lined up to vacation in, and fell in love.

That was this morning. Now she's alone on the floor, each seizure is worse than the one before, and her right hand and eye are twitching so hard she can't dial the phone to call for help. It reads like a novel, but unfortunately for Laura, it's true.

Laura's List speaks through Laura, her friends and family as it flashes through memories of the good times that led Laura to Bend, Oregon, before seizures dumped her on the floor, and then it follows the challenges presented when breast cancer returns with a vengeance in the form of a deadly brain tumor.

You'll get to know Laura's friends, parents, sisters, children, and grandchildren as they remember the good times with Laura, enjoy the humor of day-to-day events, and face the future without her. Laura's List explores making the most of every day, especially when those days are numbered.

It will make you laugh and cry and never, ever take another day for granted.

Winner of the 2018 Indie Book Human Relations Awards:

-Gold Award in Medical Issues

-Silver Award in Family Challenges

-Bronze Award in Health Memoir

-Honorable Mention in Life's Challenges

--Michael McCord

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