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Last Chances: Collected Stories

Is there still time?

Do I have a last chance after all?

These revealing stories introduce you to characters of a certain age, without regrets but with those lingering questions. Meet...

• Scott, once the golden boy who always seemed to have everything except the one thing he still needs most of all. Can he finally find a way to feel like the hero everyone seemed to expect him to be?

• Sam, who cherishes a dystopian view of himself. Can he risk discarding that perception for a shot at redemption by daring to love someone?

• Lacey, who depends on a succession of affairs to feel complete. Can she take from a new and unlikely friendship the courage to defeat the dangers of the way she has been living her life?

• Emily, who has a mysterious encounter with the lost love of her youth. Can she learn the lessons of her past in time to accept the happier reality of who she has become?

• Ben, who had his own encounter with the devil romance. Can he stop obsessing over what he has lost to embrace what he still has?

• Marianne, who lives under a self-serving cloud of failure. Can she let go of that excuse to claim what is right there waiting for her?

--Judith Bartow

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