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Lainey's Unicorn

Lainey is a girl who lives in the city with Mama and Grandmother Gigi. Their home is an apartment on Carlyle Street. Lainey gets her first unicorn as a present from Mama when they go to the dollar store. It's a little ceramic unicorn. She grows to love unicorns and wants to know more about them.

Mama and she go to the library and discover more and more about these magical creatures. Aunt Jody and Uncle Bill take her to the country fair. They win a prize unicorn with blue wings! It becomes her special unicorn, named Corny.

Mama makes a big mistake and must go to prison. Lainey is very sad and misses her mother so much. She draws and decorates pictures of unicorns to cheer Mama. Both people learn to always make good choices in life.

Her warmth and imagination, as well as her Gigi, Aunt Jody, Uncle Bill, teachers and friends, keep her going until a special day comes. An amazing unicorn, Alicorn, visits her in a dream. Will Mama return from prison? Read Lainey's Unicorn and find out!

--Julia M. Fallon

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