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Knowing Whose And Who You Are

Knowing whose and who you are addresses issues with respect to so much of the identity crisis as it relates to everyday struggle most young as well as old adults deal with in trying to have a grasp of who they are. Doubtless, you or someone you know may at some point have wondered who am I, how did I get here, by evolution according Dwaine or by a creator, designer and giver of life? What happens when this present life terminates, and what is the purpose of life and how do I fit in? Your answer to any or all of these questions will significantly influence your decision making insofar as persuasions with this or otherworldly views. You will be persuaded one way or the other to make a choice in the way your life is lived. You will be encouraged to live with eternal perspective in mind. Knowing fully well that life does not terminate here, because there is no cessation of life’s existence, rather life continues to exist in one of two eternal destinations—hell or heaven. Knowing whose and who you are lets you know you were specifically designed to fulfill a specific purpose attached to your DNA and no one else will fulfill that purpose except you. Failure to fulfill that purpose will have robbed the world of that assignment only you could accomplish.

--Christian O. Nwakaihe, M-Div.

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